Why Korngold Law?

Do you even need an immigration lawyer? 

You may be wondering whether you need to hire an immigration lawyer. You are quite savvy and good at figuring things out on your own. In fact, your resourcefulness is one of the qualities that drove you to immigrate. And your situation does not seem like it should be very complicated. You are an upstanding person; you tell the truth. Nothing about your life should give rise to any suspicions.

That is a very understandable perspective. Unfortunately, the United States immigration system is far more complicated than most people realize. Laws, regulations, and policies can change rapidly—sometimes with no notice at all. Even when laws remain unchanged, government agencies and courts often apply them inconsistently. An experienced immigration lawyer can scout out these challenges, but those working without an attorney often find themselves facing unexpected traps.

Even in situations that seem like they should be straightforward, risks abound. A routine border crossing can quickly turn difficult if a border patrol agent takes an aggressive approach in questioning. A simple misstatement or inconsistency on a form can complicate a person’s immigration status.

The chances for a successful outcome increase significantly if an immigration lawyer can start working with you before your situation escalates. But that is not always possible. The good news is that even after the stakes become more dire, an immigration lawyer can still help you explore your options and develop an action plan.

How should you choose which lawyer to hire?

It can be hard to know which immigration lawyer to work with, especially if you have not worked with many lawyers before and are not sure what to expect.

Not all immigration lawyers are the same. Just like in any field, some are simply out there to make as much money as possible. Some procrastinate and miss deadlines; others take a client’s money and do no work at all. Some promise results in order to bring in business—while these folks can sound convincing, no lawyer is capable of guaranteeing results. On the other side of the spectrum, some immigration lawyers are almost too passionate; they might lose the ability to see things from the government’s perspective or fail to anticipate challenges in their clients’ cases.

The stakes are high. Losses in immigration cases can tear families apart, sometimes for years or even forever. This is a situation where you will want to do your research and proceed carefully.

Korngold Law is proud to set itself apart in a few key ways.

Why Korngold Law?

Integrity. Korngold Law values integrity first and foremost. Its clients always know where they stand and what risks they face. Korngold Law presents each client with a realistic scenario of the next steps, roadblocks, and challenges their case will likely experience. At Korngold Law, the number one goal (besides winning, of course) is to keep clients informed every step of the way.

Client Service. Korngold Law focuses on client service above all. This firm is not a volume business. Rather, it prides itself on quality. To achieve this, Korngold Law limits the number of cases it takes on each month. This allows the firm to give each case its full attention and ensures that each new client is a good match with the firm’s strengths and values.

Relentless Advocacy. All of Korngold Law’s clients work directly with the firm’s Owner and Managing Attorney, Miriam Korngold. Miriam has handled over 170 immigration cases and prides herself on achieving successful outcomes even amid the current administration’s anti-immigrant policies. Miriam is relentless—she is not afraid to do what it takes to stand up for her clients’ rights, whether through negotiating with the government, litigating in immigration court, or appealing adverse decisions.

What happens next? 

Korngold Law is currently accepting new cases. To find out whether Korngold Law can assist with your immigration case, please reach out today to set up a consultation.

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